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Who We are

About Us

History of our company

New Credit Life is owned and operated by David Rosas, a certified credit repair and management consultant. Mr. Rosas began his credit journey by fixing his own credit score, and then by helping friends and family who need credit help. Eventually, Mr. Rosas decided to turn his knowledge of the credit system into a business designed to help as many people as possible. As such, New Credit Life was born!

Our Vision

The New Credit Life vision is simply to provide healthy credit assistance to the citizens of El Paso and expand our operations to provide credit education and relief for the entire city and beyond.

Our Mission

The New Credit Life mission is to provide top-notch credit education, relief, and management services to all of El Paso. We recognize how important a good credit score can be, so we work to help people reach a good score and maintain it.Having bad credit can make life tough. You could struggle to get a good rate on a loan, fail to get approved for an apartment or even have trouble finding work. Our mission at New Credit Life is to repair and improve your bad credit situation creating better opportunities for you and your family. We always build a strong professional relationship with our clients so that they will not feel lost in the process of fixing their credit issues.

Take Control Of Your Credit With New Credit Life!

Your credit should be an asset, not an obstacle. At New Credit Life, we help clients get their credit under control and use their credit to make their dreams come true. Contact us today to schedule your free credit analysis and consultation!